Oakland Cryo T-Shock. How To Fix Fat & Pain with Cryotherapy

If you ever thought of one treatment that could deal with fat, wrinkles, and pain, you’d wager there wasn’t such a thing. Do you regularly watch your diet and workout, but your skin isn’t as toned as you desire? Do you suffer from pain or have a sports injury? You’d be willing to know more about a treatment that could deal with fat issues, help reduce wrinkles, and decrease pain. Sound too good to be true? However, this was before you knew about Cryo T-Shock to help with all this and more. Here, you can learn much more about DocDwayne and Oakland Cryo T-Shock.

Why is Cryo T-Shock Therapy So Beneficial?

Pagani, a pioneer in physiotherapy equipment, developed the innovative Cryo T-Shock. Heat (thermotherapy) and cold were alternated to get better effects than cryotherapy alone (cryotherapy).

The area is first warmed up to 105°F, then immediately chilled to around 0°F, and then rewarmed using a gentle massage. As a result, blood vessels alternate between dilatation and contraction, increasing blood flow to the affected area.

Cryo T-Shock is an innovative form of cryotherapy that has swept Europe and is now accessible in the United States. It’s an innovative cryotherapy and thermotherapy mix.

Rheumatoid arthritis was first treated with whole-body cryotherapy, which was pioneered in Japan. It has since been discovered to be effective in treating acute injury pain and swelling and weight loss, body sculpting, and skin toning.

What Will Cryo T-Shock Do For Me?

While it will vary on the person, here are some things you can find with Cryo T-Shock.

  • Increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to tissues.
  • Increases the production of collagen and elastin while destroying fat cells without harming the skin.
  • Reduces tissue edema and inflammation.
  • Endorphins are released because of this.

In real-world use at the DocDwayne Cryo T-Shock clinic, you’ll find such benefits equate to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Give your face and neck skin a youthful look by tightening it and giving it a youthful glow.
  • A growing double chin can be firmed up and slimmed down.
  • Reduce or expunge puffiness around your eyes.
  • Pore reduction.
  • Get rid of the fat that diet and exercise haven’t been able to get rid of. Cryo T-Shock produces apoptosis, or natural fat cell death, killing up to 20% of fat cells in the treated areas.
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite by transforming it from lumpy to smooth and toned.
  • Glutes, hips, thighs, arms, and love handles can all be sculpted.
  • After pregnancy or weight reduction, firm up loose skin.

What About Cryo T-Shock for Pain?

If you’re suffering from pain or an injury, “thermal shock” therapy can help. It improves the lymphatic system’s ability to drain fluids and eliminate damaged tissue. Swelling is reduced, which improves joint motion and promotes recovery.

Inflammation is among the most common causes of pain. Following Cryo T-Shock, blood testing can reveal a decrease in inflammatory markers. The cold helps lower pain thresholds and calm nerve endings. Cold also enhances energy and gives a natural high by stimulating endorphins, the feel-good hormone.

Where Can I Find Oakland Cryo T-Shock?

Cryo T-Shock is a non-invasive, painless therapy. This anti-aging therapy produces noticeable results almost instantly. You owe yourself to book a session, whether you aim to turn back the clock, acquire the body you want, or cure discomfort.

To learn more, contact DocDwayne using the contact form or call on (510) 561-3330 to schedule an appointment or visit the DocDwayne office in Oakland, CA, during regular office hours.

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