Back Pain Chiropractor Oakland, CA

Back Pain Chiropractor Oakland, CA

It is estimated that nearly 32 million Americans are experiencing back pain at this moment and 80% of the population will experience some form in their lifetime. With these types statistics, it’s not surprising why lower-back problems have grown to be one out five causes for disability among us mere humans who live on planet Earth!
This should stimulate concern regarding what causes such chronic conditions like LBP (lumbar spine) since there seems no end in sight when you’re constantly being bombarded with stressors – from lifting groceries off shelves

The number of people suffering from back pain is staggering and it can be a debilitating condition. One in five Americans currently experience some form on their journey through life with chronic lower-back problems, which amounts to nearly 32 million individuals struggling daily just trying not too feel bad about themselves because they’re stuck dealing with this issue all over again. Doc Dwayne Chiropractor has been serving his community for over 20 years and without no hesitations will be able to serve you with his chiropractic services

Another thing to note is that lower-back pain is a common issue that many people deal with. The cause of this condition may never be pinpointed, but it’s often an accumulation of factors like obesity and kidney stones in addition to repetitive stress on muscles or sudden trauma which could result from injury when playing sports for example–or even just getting up too quickly during daily life activities! Book a back pain chiropractor now and learn more how we can help. 

Benefits of Back Pain Release

There are many causes of back pain, but when health care professionals focus on the root cause instead of just treating symptoms it becomes much more simpler. The treatments for these conditions have one thing in common- misalignments that occur because your spine isn’t aligned correctly! Luckily our chiropractor here at Doc Dwayne Chiropractor has been trained to help with this problem and can provide you relief from all kinds or angles including manual therapy techniques like spinal manipulation which research shows is highly effective against incorrect positioning within joints causing discomfort throughout different parts of the human body.

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The back is a very important part of our body that we need to take care. When you have chronic pain, it can really get in your way and keep everything else from working properly – even when taking prescription medications or having surgery done on other parts if the body! At Doc Dwayne Chiropractor we specialize with helping people who suffer from misalignments caused by accidents such as car wrecks- which may occur because they’re not thinking about what could happen during these events beforehand.

Stress And Back Pain

Chronic stress is a very real and dangerous thing. When our bodies are in constant fight or flight mode, it releases various hormones to help us deal with stressful situations such as increased heart rate ,blood pressure etc., but if this response continues over time there can be harmful side effects including depression . These adaptive mechanisms exist because under extreme duress your body knows exactly what’s best for you-to protect yourself from harm at all costs! Schedule a consultation with us to see if can help you out 

This incremental approach not only helps you maintain optimal comfort and mobility; it also helps to preserve the corrections made by Dr. Dwayne Acoba, allowing you to get the greatest possible benefit from your adjustments. We can even show you how to self-administer simple kinds of myofascial release using a foam roller or other tools to help you keep your tissues limber. 

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Myofascial release represents just one of the many therapeutic options available at our holistic chiropractic care center. For more information about myofascial, contact DocDwayne at (510) 561-3330.

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